Title prerequisites

In order to qualify for the title "Dutch Champion" your dog has to obtain a total of four national CAC points (championship title). This title can be awarded only to those dogs registered in FCI recognised studbooks, of which registration should represent at least one generation.

CAC points can be obtained as follows:
Single point: a CAC obtained at a national show; a reserve CAC obtained at a breed clubs championship show.
Double points: a CAC obtained at the Winner in Amsterdam; a CAC obtained at a breed clubs championshipshow.

A reserve CAC obtained at either a national show or the Winner is valued at a quarter of a point. Only one of the four obligatory points can be accrued as four reserves.

Please note: if your dog has obtained double CAC at the breedclub’s Championship show and the Winner in Amsterdam, only one of these CACs will count as two points. The other will be valued as one.

On the day of obtaining the last reserve or full CAC your dog must be at least 27 months of age. If your dog qualifies for the title before this age, a reserve CAC awarded after the age of 27 months will suffice. All reserve and full CACs must have been awarded by at least two different judges.

As soon as your dog has obtained the four obligatory points, the title will be issued automatically. Upon obtaining the first point the Raad van Beheer will ask you to send a copy of the pedigree.