Title prerequisites

The Title of "Greek Champion" (gr CH) can be awarded to a dog who has obtained 3 CACs (regardless of the time period between the first and last) from three different judges. Concerning breeds subject to working trials (according to the F.C.I. Regulations) the certificate required for the CH.INT.B. Title, is also required for the CH.GR. Title.

According to the Greek Regulations, 1 CAC is awarded to one male and one female of each breed, from Classes:
Intermediate, Open, Working and Champion,
with the exception of the following breeds:
Deutscher Boxer, Dobermann, Epagneul Breton (1 CAC/colour/sex),
Schnauzer (each colour is concidered as a different breed),
Deutsche Dogge (3 different breeds - fawn and brindle, harlequin and black, blue),
Caniche Standard, Medium and Minature (2 different breeds - black and white and brown, grey and apricot and red fawn).

In order to get the nomination of the Title, an application form must be filled-in and forwarded to the K.C.G., accompanied by the remit of 20 euros per certificate.