Title prerequisites

The title "German Champion (VDH)" is awarded to pure-bred dogs, which have been nominated for five challenge certificates for the title of "German Champion (VDH)": at least three of these challenge certificates have to be achieved at International or National breed shows. Furthermore the five challenge certificates must have been awarded by at least three different breed judges. The challenge certificates of the VDH Bundessieger Dog Show and at the VDH Europasieger Dog Show (as well as uniquely at the VDH World Dog Show 2006) count double. In addition reserve challenge certificates gained there will be rated as individual normal challenge certificates, even when these have not been changed into a normal challenge certificate - if the dog that awarded the normal challenge certificate already holds the title of "German Champion (VDH) on the day of the breed show. There has to be a minimum period of 12 months between the first and last challenge certificate. The title "German Champion (VDH)" can only be awarded to a dog on one occasion. The title "German Champion (VDH)" entitles the dog to start in the champions class at all breed shows at home and abroad.