pupil: Maltese dog breeder  class: from puppy to veteran  teacher: Mr. Klaus Holzmann  year: 2011/12

MDPrimary School timetable


TOP 20 Number of MDC Maltese dogs per country
country iso number
America, United States of us 16,382
Korea, Republic of kr 5,163
United Kingdom of GB and N. Ireland uk 3,860
Germany, Federal Republic of de 3,541
Finland, Republic of fi 2,330
Spain, Kingdom of es 1,482
France (French Republic) fr 1,382
Australia, Commonwealth of au 1,218
Japan jp 1,142
Czech Republic cz 951
Brazil, Federative Republic of br 783
Italy (Italian Republic) it 730
Poland, Republic of pl 721
Netherlands, Kingdom of the nl 700
Sweden, Kingdom of se 618
Argentina (Argentine Republic) ar 564
Russia (Russian Federation) ru 531
Canada ca 526
Hungary, Republic of hu 358
Belgium, Kingdom of be 317