Searching a certain Maltese dog

I've made up my mind!

First select the number of generations you will want displayed in the pedigree.
Printing in landscape mode, 5 generations is the max. choice and by this recommended!
i.e. 'witten' will find all Maltese whose registered name, nick name or registration contains this pattern.
please use a word longer than 4 letters and omit any accents!
Maltese dog Data Base (MDB) with  106,016 records and a last update on October 22nd, 2018.
Though this is the world's 1st Maltese DB you're asked to go for quality of data and not for quantity!
Click the "Search Now" button on the right,
b/c only this will start the search.
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In general you have following presentation possibilities when searching for a certain dog.
  • Standard pedigree w/ links and COI calculation for up to 5(!) or w/o for up to 10 generations
  • Reverse pedigree with children, grandchildren, grand-grandchildren, and so on
  • Trial pedigree where you select the parents and by this merge two pedigrees
  • Breed info with all littermates, full- and half-siblings as well as all offsprings
Some private notes for a common understanding from my point of view:
  • Quality of data like found in internet and maintained to the best of my knowledge.
  • I'm not responsible nor liable for the accurassy and use of data.
  • Let's be successful to the welfare of the breed and for the benefit of all breeders worldwide.
Here you add, correct or complete data and there you'll find further notes for using the MDB.
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Für alle Deutschsprachigen gibt es hier eine Anwendungsbeschreibung zur Suche.