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  Simple strategies to reduce genetic disorders in dogs Carol Beuchat PhD 2018-12-30  
  What Does It Mean to Be a Preservation Breeder? Dan Sayers 2017-08-10  
  Dog Tear Stains: A Health Problem NOT a Cosmetic Problem Jan Rasmusen 2016-08-23  
  The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis Jerold M Bell DVM 2016-05-17  
  Reading Pedigrees Loud & Clear Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes 2016-03-28  
  Bitch line is the key Juha Kares 2016-03-28  
  Reading Pedigrees, a Lost Art? Barbara J. Andrews 2015-10-17  
  Hormone Levels: Determining Breeding Times and Whelping Dates Drs. Foster & Smith 2015-10-15  
  Ovulation timing and preventing fading puppies Jane Killion 2015-09-28  
  The power of the breeding is in the dam Sally Gift 2015-08-09  
  Keeping Ourselves Honest as Dog Breeders Kathy Lorentzen 2015-07-10  
  Linebreeding, Inbreeding, Outcrossing and Why E. Katie Gammill 2015-06-08  
  Solving the problem of genetic disorders in dogs Carol Beuchat PhD 2015-06-03  
  All About The Show Dog E. Katie Gammill 2015-05-01  
  What I Have Learned Kathy Lorentzen 2015-02-24 Deutsch
  Inbred thinking Patrick Burns 2015-01-09  
  How to find the best dogs for breeding? Juha Kares 2014-11-17  
  Spaying or Neutering - The Risks and Benefits C.C. Holland 2014-06-26  
  The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control Dr. Jerold Bell 2014-03-02  
  Success in Showdogs Richard G. Beauchamp 2013-10-13  
  Understanding Fronts Richard G. Beauchamp 2013-06-17  
  Legacies: How to Ensure Your Bloodline Goes Forward Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes 2013-04-06  
  Caring for the MALTESE COAT Top-Knots-Toys p.64 Manny Comitini 2013-03-31 Deutsch
  Reading pedigrees, a lost art? Barbara J. Andrews 2013-03-21  
  Successful dog breeding E. Katie Gammill 2013-03-21  
  Puppy buyer ettiquette Joanna Kimball 2013-03-17  
  Vaccinating Dogs: 10 Steps to Eliminating Unnecessary Shots Jan Rasmusen 2013-01-27  
  A veterinary guide to tear stains Greg Magnusson 2012-11-22  
  Aching knees-conclusions of study Dr. Rob 2012-08-19  
  IMHA (AIHA): Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Lori Turner 2012-08-19  
  Titer Testing: A Crash Course W. Jean Dodds, DVM 2012-08-19  
  Small Dog Syndrome Sharon Maguire 2012-07-23  
  Tear Stains on Dogs Julia Szabo 2012-07-09  
  ABC of breeding and anatomy TOC Claudia Waller Orlandi, Ph.D. 2012-07-07  
  International Breeding Rules of the F.C.I. Federation Cynologique Internationale 2012-04-10  
  FCI International Breeding Strategies Federation Cynologique Internationale 2012-04-10  
  What is a breeder? (Feb 1969!) Peggy Adamson 2012-03-31  
  Choosing the Right Sire Dr. Carmelo L. Battaglia 2012-01-26  
  A Genetic Primer for Breeders Amstaff Kennel 2012-01-19  
  Canine Epilepsy The Epi-Guardian Angels 2012-01-05  
  Kennel Blindness Claudia Waller Orlandi, Ph.D. 2011-12-10  
  Planned Breeding Lloyd C. Brackett 2011-12-10  
  Significant Relationships John Armstrong 2011-12-10  
  Inbreeding is Screwing Yourself Christopher 2011-12-10  
  Inbreeding and linebreeding Sue Ann Bowling 2011-12-10  
  Patellar Luxation Grades Orthopedic Foundation for Animals 2011-12-10  
  Getting Ready For Your Whelp Karen Copley 2011-12-10