I've made up my mind!

Some thoughts as of 10/22/2017 (my birthday)

I have started with private notes of Maltese pedigrees on paper in 2002.
When I'd lost the overview on all these sheets of paper I changed to MS Excel.
But than I had to recognize that queries are the cream of cake and I changed to MS Access
Even I'm not a IT guy but a bit close to technique I have created a web page and I'm now sharing Maltese pedigree data since 2004.
Up to now I still have to smile sometimes when I think about the fact that I couldn't remember all the names any more - at that time I had about 5,000 records! But you should remember at that time there were very less homepages of Maltese breeders or organizations and FB wasn't used as it is today!
Actually I have nearly 97,000 records listed and next year I probably will reach 100,000! Today I've become 69 years 'old' and for me there're three options:
  • I'll die with my hands on the keyboard or
  • One day I'll start uploading nonsense or
  • I stop as long as I'm able to
PS: If you or someone you know should be willing AND able to continue this work in the future please let me know!